Can you put individual lashes by yourself?

Individual tabs can come in one or a small group of 2 to 5 tabs. Regardless of how your chosen lashes are packaged, use tweezers to hold them close to the base of the lashes and gently pull them out of the package. The base of the lashes should be facing you, while the ends of the lashes should face outwards. Place the individual lashes directly on the natural lashes, as close to the lash line as possible, without touching the eyelid.

Keep the cluster in place for approximately 20 seconds so that the glue can form a strong bond. Apply a small spoonful of glue to the back of your hand or to the plastic tray where your eyelashes come in. Wait 30 to 60 seconds for the glue to become nice and sticky. You'll know that when the glue is ready, the color starts to change and the outer layer starts to thicken.

This is important to ensure that lashes adhere instantly once placed in place. If the glue is too liquid, the lashes won't stay in place and are more likely to move or tilt. When you place the extensions on your eyelashes, start at the center of the eye and work your way toward the outer edge. Use a brush or mascara stick to comb your eyelashes and remove dirt, makeup, or oil.

Whether you're creating a natural eyeshadow that looks like a simple application of bronzer on the eyelid or a spectacular smoky eye, individual lashes can enhance any look. She continuously increases her knowledge as a technician and educator by collaborating with high-level artists from all over the world. It's important that you select the right adhesive and don't buy an adhesive strip for eyelashes by mistake, as it won't offer the same results. Pointed tweezers are the best, since they have a thinner tip that is perfect for precisely picking up each group of lashes when removing them from the tray and applying them later.

Repeat the inward movement, but be careful with the inner area of the eyes, as it is sensitive and you don't want your eyelashes to become irritating. An eyelash technician carefully selects each fiber of the eyelashes, even for volume styling (they have to make fans with several fibers at once). Applying mascara before applying the individual lashes will give the lashes a stronger base to stick and hide behind.

Eyelash extension

consists of applying one extension eyelash to a natural eyelash or several extensions to a natural eyelash.

Once you've chosen where to place an eyelash, close your eye and use the tweezers to place the extension. Gently removing your lashes will also protect your hair follicles so you don't compromise the health of your natural lashes. Leaving pieces of glue on your eyelashes for a long period of time can cause dirt and bacteria to adhere to the eye area, which can lead to infection. Some eyelash packs come with the brand's own glue, but makeup artists' favorite is Duo, which comes in transparent or black.

While you shouldn't sleep with makeup on, you can get some sleep with eyelash extensions without experiencing any adverse effects. And if you're an eyelash artist who's tempted to apply eyelash extensions at home, you'll soon discover that applying eyelashes to yourself is nothing like attacking your customers.

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