How many lash refills can you get before a new set?

Women who can take care of their maintenance and who are regular at the eyelash studio will always have a great complete set. This means that you should reserve your refills every 2 or 3 weeks to maintain the result. It is recommended to make a new, fresh and complete game only every 5-6 months. Natural eyelashes have a life cycle.

Over the course of 2 to 3 months, your eyelashes will grow and then shed naturally. When the eyelashes come off, the extension that is attached to them comes off along with them. All eyelashes go through this cycle at different stages, so it's normal to lose them regularly. And this natural life cycle is why it's important to visit us for regular refueling to maintain a complete and consistent look.

A larger set with more eyelashes tends to go further than a very natural set; this way, you have more eyelashes to lose. The bond between the client's natural eyelashes and the eyelash extension weakens over time due to oil or other impurities. They may look good when they leave, but don't forget that a lot of those eyelashes are going to fall out, which could happen next week. The extensions are attached to the natural eyelashes with adhesive and, as time goes by, the eyelashes grow and the oil mixes with the point of application and the bond weakens.

With two sets of tweezers, grab a natural eyelash with one clamp and an extension with the other, then gently pull them apart vertically in two directions. Be sure to brush your eyelashes regularly and clean them, to avoid infections and extend the time between two eyelash filler appointments. Because they stick to natural eyelashes, the extensions will follow their growth cycle and will fall out with them. Depending on your aftercare and your natural eyelash cycle, you may need one after 2 weeks or one after 4 weeks.

Cleaning your eyelashes thoroughly about four times a week, removing your makeup with an oil-free remover and avoiding mascara are the three best habits you can adopt to make those extensions last. As eyelash technicians explain, even though they clean the eyelashes when they fill them, there is some adhesive left, on which more is added to fill the eyelashes. In general, it is best to perform a recharging service when the customer has at least 40% of the eyelash extensions in the complete set left. The lovely customer above has less than 30% of her eyelash extensions left, which means she'll have to apply a new set.

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