How do you dissolve eyelash extension glue at home?

You can remove your eyelash extensions at home on your own. The most common method is to use coconut oil or olive oil to break down the eyelash adhesive, How to remove eyelashes. The most common method is to use coconut oil or olive oil to break the adhesive for the eyelashes. That said, it's always best to have your lashes removed by a professional to avoid any damage to your natural lashes.

Professionals use a special remover designed to soften the adhesive bond. Once your eyelash extensions have fallen off, you can continue to apply castor oil to strengthen your natural lashes. Next, moisten a cotton ball with olive oil and wipe it on the eyelashes until the extensions start to fall out. When it comes to removing eyelash extensions, applying castor oil before and after the attempt is key to breaking the strong bonds of eyelash glue.

It's common to lose a lot of natural eyelashes or to get tired of the long process of removing eyelash extensions on your own at home. Long eyelashes are enough to convince anyone to spend their hard-earned money on such a service. If you've had your false eyelashes recently but want to remove them at home, there are things you should know before trying to do so. Castor oil can be applied to eyelash extensions with your fingers, making the process delicate but simple.

Olive oil will keep your natural lashes healthy while breaking down the adhesive and keeping the extensions on it. If you want to talk to an eyelash technician about how to remove your eyelash extensions on your own, leave us a comment describing your problem and I'll get back to you. Whether you're between appointments or you're giving up extensions for a while to give your natural lashes a break, thankfully there are some undamaged, expert-approved ways to remove your eyelash extensions at home. In fact, experts often warn against using the products for people who want to keep their eyelash extensions intact, which means they'll probably work if you don't.

Just as coconut oil and castor oil can break the eyelash extension adhesive, an oil-based makeup remover can be applied to do the same job. If you experience an allergic reaction after eyelash extensions, it is recommended to contact your eyelash stylist to have them removed immediately. But since the pandemic hit, many salons have had to close, leaving many more eyelash extension users in trouble.

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