Why does eyelash extension glue turn white?

Glue for eyelash extensions turns white when suddenly exposed to very high humidity or directly to moisture. This causes the adhesive to cure by shock, rather than curing at a normal rate. When this happens, the appearance of the adhesive turns white. The term for this is called shock polymerization.

When the glue for eyelash extensions turns white due to shock polymerization, the joint not only looks unpleasant, but its strength is also compromised. This is because curing too quickly causes a process of “shrinking” the adhesive layer, which leads to a lower bond strength. The joint becomes brittle, weak and has an icy white appearance. The glue turns white especially after lifting work, in reality, it is a chemical reaction.

Shock polymerization occurs when cyanoacrylate glue is exposed to too much moisture, causing it to dry too quickly. The glue for eyelash extensions is usually black, because the eyelashes are black, so the same color makes the work more natural and complete. Cyanoacrylate (adhesive component) reacts with traces of moisture in the air or on the surface of the appendix to harden instantly. When cleaned before the adhesive cures, the glue for eyelash extensions turns white due to shock curing.

To prevent glue aging caused by moisture, it is necessary to clean the glue and dirt attached to the nozzle and cap, tighten the lid, seal the aluminum bag and store it in a cool place (the dark place of 18-23 ℃). The retention time varies depending on the type of glue, for example, the Lankiz glue for extra strong and sensitive use has a retention time of 8 weeks, the practical glue has a retention time of 5 weeks. The most common reasons why glue for eyelash extensions turns white include tearing, cleaning the eyelashes before the adhesive is fully cured, nebulizing the eyelashes too close, and improperly removing the eyelash extensions. Lankizlashes has an online store and offers a global shipping service for all customers who need glue for eyelash extensions.

Although the banana peel eyelash removal method is simple and quick, it is unfortunately not the best option when the glue for eyelash extensions turns white. During grafting, the glued eyelash extensions fell on the skin, you can take a trace of the remover to clean them. Generally speaking, this situation will not occur, the technician has been trained and will do the job with the appropriate eyelash extensions and glue according to the standard method and process. Let's say you've just applied gorgeous eyelash extensions to a client, so that the same customer returns in a few hours.

Since the temperature and humidity are high or low, it will affect the effect of the glue, causing the glue to harden or weaken, so you should pay attention to the storage location. Extra strong glue with a quick drying time and a long retention time, suitable for the professional technician.

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