Are eyelash extensions vegan?

If you're looking for cruelty-free lashes, you'll be happy to know that synthetic eyelash extensions are vegan. However, check with the salon before applying your eyelashes. In general, if natural is your thing, synthetic eyelash extensions may not be for you. Let me go over the pros and cons of eyelash extensions so you can determine if they're right for you.

The first time they put eyelash extensions on me, I LOVED the way they looked, but they were so uncomfortable. All their false eyelashes are handmade with top quality 100% sterilized human hair and synthetic fibers free of animal cruelty. Eyelash extensions are sometimes made of mink fur, and yes, they likely come from animals incarcerated on the same miserable, dirty fur farms that supply the fashion industry. I also have a list of the 10 best vegan eyelash glues you can use with any of these vegan, cruelty-free false eyelashes.

Mink eyelash extensions aren't 100% vegan and, in fact, the mink industry is generally a pretty cruel industry. But if you Google “mink farms”, you'll see the brutal truth behind how those mink lashes came to be. According to Elux magazine, most eyelash glues are generally packed with intense and harmful substances. People spend hundreds of dollars every month on eyelash extension treatments, on the purchase of mascara and false eyelashes, and they have no idea if what they receive is truly vegan or not cruelty-free.

It's very important to get an eyelash set with the best eyelash extension products, otherwise the look won't last long. Sugarpill eyelashes offer a beautiful range of luxurious and spectacular false eyelashes. All Sugarpill vegan and cruelty-free lashes are made with synthetic hair or natural human hair. When you enter an eyelash studio, you should ask your technician what type of eyelashes they're using.

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