How many lashes are in a lash tray?

As an eyelash extension artist, you'll need a variety of two classic eyelash extension trays with a volume of 26%. In fact, these will be some of the most important products. When it comes to buying items for both styles, there are extendable Volume eyelash trays, which are designed to be easily opened from the strap, allowing you to quickly make your eyelash fans by hand. Although dense and dense, Volume lashes don't overload natural lashes or cause long-term damage to natural lashes when properly applied.

Since the Wispy and Camellia styles need great tying capacity and originality, these two sets of items are reserved for experienced eyelash artists. To apply volume lashes to your client, you'll create a range consisting of 3 to 8 eyelash extensions and use your adhesive to heal them until you get the existing natural eyelashes. It is easy to remove the eyelashes from the strip and adhere them to the natural eyelashes thanks to the thin adhesive that measures 2 millimeters thick. There's also the Hybrid Lash Style, which is when you use classic and volume tray tabs mixed together.

We want to reiterate once again that the duration of classic eyelashes and those with volume has a lot to do with the use of a high-retention adhesive, an appropriate application technique and the natural cycle of eyelash loss. The thin 2 mm glue makes it easy to peel the lashes off the strip and stick them to the natural lashes. Therefore, flat lashes flatten at the base and then taper at the tip of the lashes and are super light. Mini-trays are a form of eyelash trays with fewer tabs than standard eyelash trays, with around 133 tabs or fans.

While volume eyelash extensions are designed to create a full, dense look, the classic style is a more natural approach to eyelash extensions. If you use the best classic eyelash extensions with volume & at your disposal, you'll have a better chance of surprising anyone who enters your beauty salon. Every eyelash artist is interested in eyelash extension trays, which are a must-have item in their eyelash extension kit.

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