What are the main benefits of a lash lift?

An eyelash lift will make your eyelashes look longer with a pleasant lifting effect, making your eyes look incredible. The results will last the entire natural life cycle of your eyelashes. It does not damage the eyelashes, but rather infringes them, making them appear thicker, fuller and longer. Average results range from 4 to 6 weeks, but many report higher vision even beyond 6 weeks.

Long-lasting results are one of the main reasons why eyelash lifts are so popular, especially among busy professionals or mothers who don't have time to go to the salon every 2 weeks to get an eyelash extension filler. There's no need to wait for an eyelash lift to take effect and see the results. You'll leave your 30-minute quick lash lift appointment with fuller, thicker, and lifted lashes right away. One of the reasons eyelashes are so important in the beauty industry is because they play an important role in making your eyes look captivating.

People with small eyelashes or eyelash extensions often complain of having lumps and heavier eyes or not having visible eyelashes at all. The eyelash lift, on the other hand, improves your natural eyelashes, making them appear longer, separated and curled upwards. As a result, your eyes look bigger and open instantly. They also help a lot with eye makeup and, suddenly, you'll realize that you're capable of wearing looks that would otherwise require false eyelashes.

We achieve this by saturating the eyelashes with safely formulated chemical solutions that gently restructure the chemical bond within the eyelashes. However, there are several ways to extend the duration of your eyelash lift, using some suitable care methods. Your beautician will start by cleaning the eye area and carefully placing an eyelash lift protector along the lash line. Even clients with super short or ultra-thin eyelashes can see a significant difference compared to a perm and lift treatment.

You may even realize that you're comfortable without makeup on a regular basis once you start doing eyelash lifts. Unlike eyelash extensions that add extra volume to natural lashes, an eyelash lift changes the shape and color of natural eyelashes. The artist will shape your eyelashes by gently taping them to a flexible rod with adhesive tape so that they lift up and bend directly from the root. We also offer many other accessories you might need, such as keratin-boosting toner, kit refills and silicone eyelash molds.

This quick salon treatment allows natural eyelashes to adhere to a carefully selected silicone rod with a water-soluble glue. You can go back to work or go out for the night right after the eyelash lift and show off your beautiful and luscious eyelashes. An eyelash lift creates volume at the root of the lashes to lift them up and away from the eye to create a full, voluminous look that mimics false eyelashes. With care, your eyelash technician will section, insulate and place your own natural lashes in their new complementary position.

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