How much do lash artists make in canada?

While this is the average, there are eyelash technicians across the country who earn more than this amount. In general, eyelash technicians consult with customers to inform them about the options, learn their preferences, and choose a flattering look. Even after considering the cost of supplies and certifications, this is an impressive salary for eyelash extensions. Word-of-mouth advertising occurs when your customers disseminate information about your eyelash services to others.

Most eyelash artists are also small business owners, meaning they set their own hours, working hours, prices, and more. If there are a limited number of locations that offer eyelash extension services, the higher the price of the services. You can easily sell aftercare products to your customers to keep their lashes fluffy and clean (3% of eyelashes clean), as well as eyelash care serum to promote natural and healthy eyelash growth. Eyelash technicians apply extensions to natural lashes to improve their clients' physical appearance.

There may be fixed rates for each set of eyelash extensions applied, so earnings may vary depending on the type and number of applications performed each day. Employers prefer to hire professionally certified eyelash technicians in eyelash extensions and at least one year of experience or a portfolio of their previous work. For example, Malibu eyelash technicians cater to a clientele willing to pay more (and give more tips) for eyelash extensions. If you're thinking about making a career switch to the eyelash business, you'll want to know if it's financially worthwhile.

As a business-savvy eyelash technician, you'll want to set your prices taking into account the products and application time and what you've invested in learning and perfecting your technique. Running a profitable eyelash extension business isn't just about bold wordplay and cute transformation photos for Instagram. The typical salary of an eyelash technician will vary depending on the price they charge for each complete set and fillers.

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