Which celebrities get lash lifts?

An eyelash lift is another attainable beauty secret from a celebrity for flirty eyelashes. The star of This Is Us, Chrissy Metz, admitted to being a fan of beauty treatment, as did Madison Lintz, who can be seen in the Bosch series on Amazon Prime. While makeup essentials aren't going anywhere, it's overshadowed by the latest innovations and accessories, such as false eyelashes and extensions. If you're looking for a drama with a capital D or have super short eyelashes, you'll probably want to consider extensions.

Speaking to Femail, Beverly Piper, founder of Lash Perfect, told how the popularity of eyelash lifts, in which eyelashes are curled around a permanent bar, is skyrocketing. However, if you want extensions in addition to a lift, Shirai recommends not using serums or eyelash extensions for 48 hours after treatment. Despite its growing popularity, there seems to be a lot of confusion around what exactly an eyelash lift is. After washing and drying the eyelashes, the eyelash artist uses an adhesive similar to eyelash glue to attach silicone protectors to the eyelids.

Curving or lifting your eyelashes can make them appear longer and thicker, and make your eyes appear larger. I don't know about you, but it bores me to look almost wild, with clearly unpedicured feet, unretouched roots and eyelashes that haven't seen a lifting solution, or creepy, for MONTHS. The eyelashes are then combed and glued to the pad to maintain their shape, and the permanent solution that softens the hair is applied so that the eyelashes can maintain their shape. Because your eyelashes are stuck together, you can't feel anything happening to them and there's little risk of chemicals entering your eyes.

Last fall I bit the bullet and opted for eyelash extensions, which I loved the look of, but in the end I thought they needed too much maintenance. Medhin says that an eyelash curler is everything for anyone who doesn't have eyelash lifts, as it can help their eyelashes look longer. The first time you walk in, you'll meet with your eyelash stylist and customize the look based on the unique shape of your eyes. Every time I open Instagram, another influencer credits her long, natural lashes, and accounts like Jasimanibeauty (which shows eyelash lift transformations) have gained a cult following in the beauty community.

Despite not adding length, the curl makes my eyelashes appear longer and really opens my little eyes. So, if you're browsing Instagram and wondering how people look so amazingly wide-eyed in their makeup-free selfies, there's a chance that an eyelash lift has something to do with it.

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