How should you sleep when you have eyelash extensions?

The best way to do this is to sleep on your back. This position is also called supine sleep.

The eyelash extensions

will not suffer any pressure or friction when rubbed against the pillows in this pose. In addition, it will prevent contaminants from entering the eye.

Okay, this might sound like a joke, but hear us out. If you're trying all the tips and you're struggling to find a safe way to sleep with eyelash extensions, try to make a small pillow barrier on the sides of your body. Your eye extensions will lose their shape and curl up if you sleep on your stomach. Worse, pillow friction can cause extensions to fall out prematurely.

Changing your oil-based skin care products and learning to sleep on your back are just a few ways to keep your eyelash extensions looking healthy. While it's normal to lose one or two lashes when you wash your face, if you experience excessive shedding, it's likely due to poor sleep habits. There's nothing that makes you feel more flawless and elegant than a new set of long, dark and voluminous eyelash extensions. Learning to sleep with eyelash extensions can be as simple as making a small adjustment to your daily routine; however, you must ensure that your eyelashes are properly cared for.

If you don't clean your eyelashes before bed, bacteria will almost certainly build up during the day or that you get irritated by sweating and rubbing your eyelashes while you sleep. Fortunately, some basic tips will help you sleep with eyelash extensions without running the risk of getting too dirty or having your eyelashes broken. Fortunately, TLC is specially formulated for use as a makeup remover, eyelash cleanser, and facial cleanser. So how do you sleep with eyelash extensions? While eyelash extensions are a glamorous addition to your look, they can pose some challenges while you sleep.

From going round and round to rubbing your eyes before bed, you may wonder if your restful sleep comes at the expense of your eyelashes. In an ideal situation, everyone who uses eyelash extensions will always have time every night to remove them and store them properly before going to sleep. The first and most important part of the eyelash extension care routine is to clean them with an eyelash extension cleaner. To begin with, you should do everything possible to ensure that you sleep in the best position and, in this case, on your back.

Between sleeping in the right positions and using the right materials to help you, you can easily sleep with your eyelash extensions on without worrying a bit about clutter or tearing your eyelashes out. Silk pillowcases allow eyelash extensions to slide over the pillow while you sleep, instead of causing friction on your hair and causing breakage.

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