Does lash extension glue contain latex?

Many eyelash salons use latex-containing adhesives when installing eyelash extensions. This is because latex-containing adhesives stay strong even in oily or humid conditions. However, most salons offer the option of using “sensitive” or “latex-free” adhesives. In a nutshell, latex is natural rubber.

A small amount of latex in eyelash glue helps increase the adhesive's resistance to water and oil, which in turn helps create longer retention. However, latex is known to cause allergic reactions in some people and, when it does occur, it can be quite dangerous. Latex is, in a nutshell, a type of natural rubber. To keep eyelashes in place longer, eyelash glue must contain a small amount of latex.

However, some people are known to have severe allergic reactions to latex and this can be life-threatening. To truly conquer your eyelash set, you need to know as much as possible about the adhesive for eyelash extensions. Once all the glue residue is gone, wash your hands and moisturize them; nail polish remover can dry out the skin. We always recommend waiting 24 hours after treatment for eyelashes to get wet, but in reality the glue will have dried in 8 hours or less.

If you decide to switch to a latex-free eyelash glue, keep in mind that it's very likely that your customers' eyelash extensions will last about a week less. This is the material that ensures that the adhesive dries in a matter of seconds and keeps the lashes firmly in place for several weeks. The glue is somewhat comparable to the Blink Ultra Bond, but many prefer this glue to the Ultra Bond adhesive for several reasons. You can re-immerse the fan or extension in the glue spot and pull it out more slowly so that a smaller bulb of glue enters the eyelashes.

True Glue all-natural eyelash adhesive is the first of its kind and is completely natural, safe, easy to use and beneficial for skin and eyelashes. If you have clients who love to swim, shower soon after treatment, or just cry, finish their eyelash set with Superbonder to cure the glue instantly and, at the same time, keep the joint flexible and not brittle. Glue for eyelash extensions plays a vital role in the successful application and retention of eyelash extensions. True Glue all-natural eyelash glue is a latex- and formaldehyde-free eyelash adhesive that is safe for sensitive eyes and eyelash extensions.

Nowadays, most eyelash extension suppliers exclude latex from their list of ingredients to ensure customer safety. This is an easy and enjoyable task: pick up your glue remover for tweezers and simply dip the tweezers into it, using the sponge balls to actually remove the glue from your precious tweezers.

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