How long should your lashes be?

The optimal length to keep your eyes moist is one-third the width of your eye. BL eyelash extensions produce extension lashes with lengths from 5 mm to 20 mm. The most popular extension length is around 11 mm or 12 mm. We all know that perfect eyelashes should be long.

But how much time is enough? Determining the length of the eyelash extension is essential. The standard size for short lashes is 6-11 mm, the medium size is 10 mm to 14 mm and the length is 14 to 22 mm. Natural lashes measure between 3 mm and 18 mm. If you want to use an eyelash extension that is longer than the length of your eyelashes, make sure the extension is thin so that it doesn't hinder the growth of your eyelashes.

Always tell your beautician to choose extensions that are similar to the shape of your natural lashes. You can also ask your eyelash specialist to give you individual, clearer eyelashes around your lashes. Because your lashes are at different stages of their growth cycle at any given time, the extensions won't all fall out at once, and you may find that gaps start to appear a few weeks after you put them on. The ability of your natural lashes to withstand weight: Some people love super long, spectacular lashes, which is great, but it's important to consider your natural lashes.

When using curlier false eyelashes, such as D and U curls, remember that when the curl is strong, the length of the extension will appear shorter. Hu and his colleagues suspected that the length of the eyelashes might have something to do with channeling airflow, and devised an experiment to find out. So how do you get natural, bulky lashes? The answer is very simple, go for natural eyelash extensions. Sabah Feroz, an expert in eyebrow and eyelash extensions at Blink Brow Bar, tells her clients to wash the area around their eyes when cleaning their face and to use an oil-free makeup remover if they have to clean their makeup.

Its shape, with a small surface for the flat base and a spectacular upward curl, the M curl is designed to enhance the appearance of natural lashes with a downward angle. This innovative technique has gained much popularity because of the impressive results it brings to appearance and also because of the longevity of having healthy eyelashes that look and feel natural. You should also refrain from rubbing your eyes, using a mechanical eyelash curler, and staying under the shower head for an extended period of time, he says. However, finding an eyelash extension service that can help you achieve the most natural look can be a daunting task, because if it goes wrong, they can look artificial, like a doll's eyelashes.

This is much easier said than done, but if you're a person who chronically rubs your eyes, you need to stop smoking if you want to continue using eyelash extensions. Eye shape: Eyes come in all shapes and sizes, and depending on them, the length of the eyelashes will look different in each eye.

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