What eyelashes does jennifer lopez wear?

López specifically used the Real Fluffy style 2, but they're selling out quickly. Fortunately, there are still five other versions available on Amazon to try. So treat yourself to a new look with i-Envy's Real Fluffy eyelashes, which have Jennifer Lopez's seal of approval. But hurry up, because their exact style won't last long once the news is out.

The couple's Clooney Foundation for Justice recognized journalists, lawyers and rights groups. Florida federal judge Aileen Cannon on Thursday rejected a request from the special teacher she appointed to review documents seized at former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate so that Trump's legal team can verify that the government inventory record of the items seized is accurate. Judge Cannon's ruling once again gives Trump's legal team another victory in the process, which will now no longer face the same deadline to officially declare whether it would challenge any of the items contained in the government's detailed inventory. Earlier this week, Trump's legal team filed a sealed letter in which they expressed their objection to the request of special teacher Raymond Dearie, even though Trump, repeatedly, in public statements and interviews, has made unfounded suggestions that the FBI hid documents to incriminate him.

Detroit Lions coach Isaiah Buggs, who played two seasons with Tua Tagovailoa in Alabama, “was surprised” to see the quarterback's brain injury on television. MacKenzie Scott and Dan Jewett's separation agreements mean there will be no trial, family law lawyer David Glass tells PEOPLE that Rich Ohrnberger, Shannon Sharpe and more are reacting to the Tua Tagovailoa situation on social media following the injury of the Miami Dolphins quarterback. As for where López, 34, will blink again, the Hollywood Reporter says that the casting is ready for his next film, the comedy Monster-in-Law, in which he will play the fiancée of a wonderful guy (Michael Vartan) who has the worst mother in the world (Jane Fonda). In turn, The New York Times has credited the star with single-handedly reviving the trend of false eyelashes and inspiring women across the United States to look like Betty Boop.

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