Where to buy eyelash extension glue?

Stacy Lash Extra Strong Eyelash Extension Glue, 5 ml Find your ideal eyelash extension glue by simply consulting the “LaShArt Glue Guide”, which gives you a full explanation of the characteristics of each glue. Our best-selling product is Noir Jetset Glue, which blends perfectly with all Noir Volume lashes. The new “plus” series offers the fastest bonding time and is compatible with low humidity levels. If you're looking for quality eyelash extensions and good value for money, the Stacy Lash store is the right place.

A customer can react to any ingredient in eyelash extension glue, even those that don't give off smoke, so testing with a patch is essential in the event of an allergic reaction. First Impression prepares natural eyelashes for the application of eyelash extensions by dissolving any barriers that may interfere with their retention. This eyelash glue formula does not contain carbon black, making it perfect for customers who may be allergic or sensitive to this ingredient in eyelash glues. This maximum adhesion adhesive cures in a second or two, perfect for eyelash extension artists who like to take things quickly.

We have 5 exclusive eyelash adhesives, as well as an eyelash base and an eyelash removal gel to complete your professional kit. You'll fall in love with this eyelash glue, as it emits very few vapors and cares for customers who may be more sensitive to the cyanoacrylate found in all eyelash extension adhesives. Perfect cleansing before an eyelash session and gentle aftercare for both eyelash extensions and natural eyelashes. We recommend using a hygrometer in the treatment room to accurately measure moisture levels and choose the right adhesive, also known as eyelash glue, for your study.

The formula of this gel remover gently removes eyelash extensions and adhesive, also known as eyelash glue, from natural eyelashes.

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