How long should fake lashes last?

The extensions come off with the natural hair growth cycle, which is usually every six to eight weeks, Richardson says. Fillers are a great way to extend the life of your eyelashes and are recommended every two to three weeks. The only way to remove your eyelashes is with a serious professional. You'll end up tearing out or breaking your eyelashes if you try it yourself, and it's not worth it.

They usually last between three and four weeks, but don't be surprised if you replace them again before then.

Eyelash extensions

can last more than 3 weeks with proper care and excellent application. It is recommended to refill them every 2 to 4 weeks to keep your lashes looking full, the time between fillers will always depend on the aftercare of the eyelashes, your natural eyelash cycle and the number of eyelashes you have to work with. Keep in mind that if your natural eyelashes are too sparse, delicate and fragile, your extensions may not last as long as other people's.

If all of that sounds confusing, don't worry, a licensed eyelash specialist will help you make the best decision for your lashes, including the type of material you should buy, such as synthetic mink or synthetic silk. Also, be sure to do it with a silk pillowcase so that, if you turn around, your eyelashes are pampered and less likely to get caught. I didn't do it before my first appointment and I had tremor eye syndrome all the time, much to the dismay of my eyelash artist. In reality, there isn't much evidence to show if eyelash extensions actually affect your natural eyelash length or your long-term health.

Both Feroz and famous makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes say you don't even need mascara or eyeliner when you're wearing eyelash extensions; extensions offer an effect similar to typical eye enhancement makeup. Unlike false eyelashes, where striped or individual lashes are applied to the skin, eyelash extensions adhere directly to the eyelash itself. So how can I keep my lashes in optimal condition so that they last longer? To start, take them off every night before going to sleep. Even though I love beauty products, I'm not a makeup artist, so I definitely never thought I'd be an eyelash extensions girl.

Sabah Feroz, an expert in eyebrow and eyelash extensions at Blink Brow Bar, tells customers to wash the area around their eyes when they clean their face and to use an oil-free makeup remover if they need to remove their makeup. But don't let the name confuse you, individual eyelashes are actually a group of single-eyelash hairs (about five to ten) that have stuck together. That's why Shin ends each date by handing you a soft pink sponge and teaching you how to comb your eyelashes daily. So, before my own wedding, it was very out of place for me to make an appointment to get eyelash extensions.

If you feel that mascara isn't enough and you're okay with the additional maintenance and money that eyelash extensions require, it's definitely worth looking for a specialist and having a consultation, in my opinion. Depending on the look you're trying to achieve, you can place two or three individual lashes for a subtle look, or more than five for a lot of drama.

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